Protocol for Parents and Supporters

Dear Parent / Guardian / Supporter of the Zebra’s,

As a club we look forward to an enjoyable, exciting and satisfying 2018 season. We pride ourselves on the quality of the behaviour of all our people, parents, families, friends and of course our kids. As such we wish to take this opportunity to ensure everyone has clarity around how to interact with coaches and team officials during match day.

If you have a concern or issue of any sort during the season, we ask that you do not, under any circumstances, approach the coach immediately (meaning 30 mins) before or after a match. Correct protocol is as follows:

  • If you have a query regarding the conduct of your TEAM, please refer to your Team Manager. This should be done 30 Minutes before game commencement time, or at least 30 minutes afterwards, allowing time for the Team Manager to complete all the relevant duties he or she is obliged to.
  • Administrative queries will be handled exclusively by your Team Manager.
  • Queries related to football (Examples may be playing time or playing related issue or behaviour of a player or official) will also be handled by your Team Manager.
  • If you’re not satisfied with any aspect of the response from the Team Manager, you may arrange to meet and discuss with the coach or relevant official, either on the same day (bearing in mind the 30 minute period noted above) or at a mutually suitable time during the ensuing week.
  • If you remain uncomfortable with the outcome, a member of the committee should be approached and will make themselves available to discuss and resolve any issue.

We would also appreciate it greatly if parents refrain from “coaching” their kids from the sidelines or at breaks during the game. Our experience suggests that this can be counterproductive and there is potential for confusion with the coaches’ instructions.

In the event of your child having a pre-existing injury or illness, we ask that you advise the team TRAINER of any concerns, 30 minutes prior to the game. Similarly, please speak to the team Trainer if you believe your child requires treatment during the course of the match. All our trainers are accredited to required standards and will be able to assist in these circumstances. Any queries can be handled via the aforementioned process.

We thank you for continuing to support your kids in the appropriate way and the spirit of our game, and for continuing to demonstrate the high standards of behaviour we’ve come to expect at the Zebra’s.