Living our values

Our Values set the direction with regard to behavioural expectations and is pivotal to achieving our objective of becoming the club of choice for those aspiring to play, participate, administer and support the game of Australian Rules football.

Our Values

RESPECT – We demonstrate and earn RESPECT in all interactions

COMMUNITY – We grow our COMMUNITY and strengthen the ties to the communities we are part of

LOYALTY – Complete and constant LOYALTY and support for the club and our people

FEARLESS – As  a club we FEARLESS in all we do


“Love the game and live the values”.  The President has historically been considered an active role, the club are focussed this year on spreading the workload to allow the President to focus on the communicating, promoting and providing stewardship of the key values in decisions both small and large.


With a legacy of prudent financial management, the Club has developed a good level of funds that have been sustained over a number of years.  We have some exciting expenditure planned for next year and we’ve enjoyed investing in the capability of our teams and people as they have grown.  This is an important role and one that is well supported by all volunteers in the club.  It’s an opportunity to make a lasting difference.


With a focus on communications, the Secretary has the opportunity to ensure alignment across all stakeholders.  The role spans attributes of creativity and discipline.  Getting things done right the first time is really a question of clear communications.  If you’d like to drive consistency and efficiency with a great team, think about this role.

Football Operations

All of our volunteer Footy Staff have enjoyed the opportunity to work with their own kids and contribute to a genuine community spirit.  Like your kids, the more you put in, the more you get out.  Remember, you’re supported by a team with broad and deep experience.  It’s as fun for the adults as it is for the kids. And you’ll get something out of it. Some roles require familiarity and training but we can help with so much of that and you’ll be able to develop some transferable skills as well as making the most genuine of investments into your kids…your time


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