Dec 2014


Steady patronage over Footy Season and sustained interest off season at reduced but steady volumes of sessions

Web Sessions 1412


With over 1700 sessions averaging 3 and a half page views per session we are seeing good engagement from our visitors, many of which are first timers


Web 1412 Details

Pages of interest to our guests are ranked in order below.  Predominantly the focus is on team performance, however new viewers are looking at the About Us and there is active interest in the Committee.Web 1412 Pages Viewed

May 2014

GA timeline 140524

Steady and persistent usage by guests averaging about 70 views per week




GA Country 140524


Although most of our visitors are from Australia we’ve had active users from since launching in multiple countries in South Americal  – but mostly Brazil.

Even though it’s not shown you can believe me when I say we have 543 views from Melbourne and less everywhere else, but we do have twice as many viewers from Manilla compared with Warranambool…is that because Manilla is easier to spell?




GA Pages 140524


Page views indicate the content that people are interested in.

We’re not seeing very much traffic to Sponsors and if this could improve it  would certainly help our incoming revenues.

Fixtures receive the most traffic and surprisingly there is a high volume for About Us and Committee Admin and Results.

Committee Admin and Results were underdeveloped and these have now been improved.

The Under 9 and Under 15 Teams receive good traffic although there is not a lot of content on them.  This has been improved but there is an opportunity to do even better.

In reviewing the user flows it can be seen that there are about 20 visits to the Presidents Blog each week and they don’t visit anywhere else.  This could be a good opportunity to introduce focus to specific parts of the web site.

Generally people are looking at about 3 pages before dropping off. These drop off points are being improved for content and relevance.